Guest Reviews

We are very fortunate to have hosted a large number of guests from all over the world. In 2016 we hosted 170 guests from 16 countries. 2017 blessed us with 587 guests from 23 countries. In 2018 we received 631 guests from 17 countries. We took the plunge and decided to build the Tauraco and Kingfisher Rooms and are looking forward to 2019.

Reviews from AirBnB for the Zebra Suite  

Reviews from AirBnB for the Family Unit  

Reviews from Lekkerslaap & Travelground 

Reviews from Safari.Now  

Reviews from Rooms for Africa 

One thought on “Guest Reviews

  1. The owners are kind, professional and great hosts
    There is even hot chocolate drinks
    Just what is needed after a long and cold day
    They supply above what is the norm
    There is an area map and a life map [bible] in each room
    They recommended great places to visit and Lani even helped us to download files
    10 🌟 for them


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